Jonathan Kerrigan

  • HEIGHT 5'11"
  • HAIR Light / Mid Brown
  • EYES Blue


55 STEPS Dr Bardy Bille August Elsani Film
DIANA Colin Oliver Hirschbiegel In Flight Productions Ltd
FLIM: THE MAKING OF ... Nathan Saunders Raffaello Degruttola Contro Vento Films
THE SOMNAMBULISTS Man 4 Richard Jobson No Bad Films
‘Fellow Creatures’ with Jonathan Kerrigan

‘Fellow Creatures’ with Jonathan Kerrigan

Jonathan Kerrigan stars in this short film following a struggling single father, who opens his door to a stranger with an irresistible proposition.

Written by Kerrigan and directed by Jamie Glover and Jason Merrells—together, the three form The Shotley Collective—Fellow Creatures is a poignant portrait of the tensions that arise when self gain comes at the expense of the other. Kerrigan and Conn are perfection onscreen. As the Stranger, Conn is equal parts charming and sympathetic, yet cool and unrelenting. Meanwhile, Kerrigan is captivating and full-bodied, like a pendulum swinging between the desperation of a father in need of help and the arrogance of a man on a winning streak. Even if you don’t support the choices he makes throughout the film, you at least understand him.

Jericho Tadeo (HollyShorts)
Jonathan Kerrigan in Lucky Man

Jonathan Kerrigan in Lucky Man

Catch Jonathan Kerrigan in the new season of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man on Sky1, Fridays at 9pm!