Joanna Ampil

  • HEIGHT 5'2"
  • HAIR Black
  • EYES Dark Brown


ANG LARAWAN Candida Loy Arcenas Culurtain Production
ONE DAY Waitress Lone Scherfig Hadrian Productions Ltd.
Leading Women CNN Philippines Item

Leading Women CNN Philippines Item

Joanna Ampil – Leading Women CNN Philippines Item

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Ampil gives an almighty performance as Jenna, reaching its apotheosis in the show’s emotional climax, “She Used to Be Mine. She sings this song with pure emotion that is nothing short of breath-taking; each line of Bareilles’s lyrics about a woman’s pain for how her life turned out searing and gut-wrenching and clear (Theater fans)

Then there’s the moving She Used to Be Mine… Ampil tearfully serves this song, fully embracing its pain, and turning it into the emotional highlight of the show that will be remembered long after curtain call. (ABS-CBN News)

It was a delight seeing Joanna as Jenna.. Joanna played the role using her strength as a performer.. from the moment she sung What’s Inside to the heart wrenching She Used To Be Mine, she had me sitting up in my seat the whole time savoring every single moment. (Franco Laurel)

The chemistry between the three waitresses makes their sisterhood believable, and that they would stick with each other through thick and thin. Ampil’s Jenna is the glue whose love for life holds them together. (