Cristian Solimeno

  • HEIGHT 6'0"
  • HAIR Dark Brown
  • EYES Blue-Grey


LUCID Theo Adam Morse Hollyfield Produtions / High Octane Pictures
WELCOME TO CURIOSITY Dexter Ben Pickering Jericho Lane Pictures
I MADE THIS FOR YOU Danny Cristian Solimeno Ephemera Films
DJ Steve Kasia Adamik Project London Productions
FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM Executioner 3 David Yates Warner Bros
WE STILL STEAL THE OLD WAY Spider Sacha Bennett WSSTOW Productions Ltd
GENERATION Z Shooting Range Instructor Steve Barker Matador Pictures
PANIC Pete Sean Spencer White Night Films
RUSH Arturo Merzario Ron Howard Rush Films Ltd.
PERFECT HIDEOUT Nick Stephen Manuel Zeitsprung Entertainment
TUESDAY Butch Sasha Bennet Japan Films
THIS IS WHAT IT IS Cass - La Famiglia Films
MOTHER OF TEARS - LA TERZA Enzo Dario Argento Opera Film
FUTURESHOCK: COMET Neil Keith Boak Darlow Smithson/Channel 5
HIGHLANDER THE SOURCE The Guardian Brett Leonard Mandala Productions
TUNNEL OF LOVE Sean John Henderson ITV
BEAUTY Ryan Ben Bolt Thames Television
UNSTOPPABLE Scott Knight David Carson Millennium Films
UNDERSTANDING JANE Psycho Shop Assistant Caleb Lyndsey Flashpoint Films
DEAD BABIES Andy Adorno William Marsh Gruber Films
ROGUE TRADER Steve James Dearden Rogue Trader Productions
NINE LIVES Scott David Carsons Nu Image
PHOENIX Josh Tony Maylam Jimmy Fizz Productions
RELATIVITY Frank Virginia Heath Faction Films
GOING NOWHERE Gaz Jesse Lawrence Molotov Films