Anthony LaPaglia

  • HEIGHT 5'11"
  • HAIR Dark Brown
  • EYES Brown


NITRAM Actor Justin Kurzel GoodThing Productions
BELOW Terry Maziar Lahooti GoodThing Productions
TOY GUN Gaetano Lolli Marco Serafini Calach Films
ANNABELLE: CREATION Samuel Mullins David F. Sandberg Atomic Monster
THE ASSIGNMENT Honest John Walter Hill SBS Films
HOLDING THE MAN Bob Caleo Neil Armfield Screen Australia
A MONTH OF SUNDAYS Frank Mollard Matthew Saville Madman Production Company
THIS ISN'T FUNNY Mike Paul Ashton Easy Open Productions
THE OPERATIVE Daniel Kai Barry Dominion Pictures
BIG STONE GAP Spec Broadwater Adriana Trigiani Altar Identity Studios
A GOOD MARRIAGE Bob Anderson Peter Askin Reno Productions
CRAZY KIND OF LOVE Gordie Iris Sarah Siegel-Magness Smokewood Entertainment
MENTAL Barry Moochmore P.J. Hogan Screen Australia
UNDERGROUND: THE JULIAN ASSANGE STORY Detective Ken Roberts Robert Connolly Matchbox Pictures
OVERNIGHT Tully Valerie Breiman Red Eye Productions
HAPPY FEET TWO The Alpha Skua (Voice) Gary Eck, George Miller Warner Bros
THE LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA'HOOLE Twilight (Voice) Zack Snyder Warner Bros
BALIBO Roger East Robert Connolly Arenafilm
$9.99 Jim Peck (voice) Tatia Rosenthal Lama Films
HAPPY FEET Boss Shua (Voice) Gary Eck, George Miller Warner Bros
PLAYED Detective Drummond Sean Stanek Attica Films
PLAYED Detective Drummond Sean Stanek Attica Films
PLAYED Detective Drummond Sean Stanek Attica Films
THE ARCHITECT Leo Walters Matt Tauber Sky Dog Films
WINTER SOLSTICE Jim Winters Josh Sternfeld Sound Pictures
SPINNING BORIS Dick Dresner Roger Spottiswoode Showtime
HAPPY HOUR Tulley Mike Bencivenga Davis Entertainment Filmworks
THE GUYS Nick Jim Simpson ContentFilm
ANALYZE THAT Anthony Bella/ Nicky Caesar Harold Ramis Warner Bros
I'M WITH LUCY Bobby Staley Jon Sherman Encore
DEAD HEAT Ray Mark Malone Cinerenta Medienbeteiligungs KG
THE SALTON SEA Al Garcetti D. J. Caruso Castle Rock Entertainment
LATANA Leon Ray Lawrence MBP (Germany)
THE BANK Simon O’Reilly Robert Connolly ArenaFilm
COMPANY MAN Fidel Castro Doug McGrath Film Foundry Partners
THE HOUSE OF MIRTH Sim Rosedale Terence Davies Three Rivers Production
LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI Michael Andretti Kate Woods Robyn Kershaw Productions
SWEET AND LOWDOWN Al Torrio Woody Allen Sweetland Films
SUMMER OF SAM Detective Lou Petrocelli Spike Lee Touchstone Pictures
PHOENIX Mike Henshaw Danny Cannon Trimark Pictures
THE REPAIR SHOP Actor Phillip Noyce Columbia Tristar Television
COMMANDMENTS Harry Luce Daniel Taplitz Universal Pictures
BRILLIANT LIES Gary Fitzgerald Richard Franklin Bayside Pictures
CHAMELEON Willie Serling Michael Pavone Rysher Entertainment
EMPIRE RECORDS Joe Reaves Allan Moyle Monarchy Enterprises B.V.
PAPERBACK ROMANCE Edward ‘Eddie’ Mercer Ben Lewin Generations Films
BULLETPROOF HEART Mick Mark Malone Keystone Film Company
MIXED NUTS Felix Nora Ephron Tristar Pictures
THE CLIENT Barry Muldano Joel Schumacher Warner Bros
THE CUSTODIAN Det. Sgt. James Quinlan John Dingwall JD Productions
SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER Tony Giardino Thomas Schlamme TriStar Pictures
SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER Tony Giardino Thomas Schlamme TriStar Pictures
INNOCENT BLOOD Joe Gennaro John Landis Warner Bros
WHISPERS IN THE DARK Larry Morgenstern Christopher Crowe Paramount Pictures
29TH STREET Frank Pesce, Jr. George Gallo JVC Entertainment Networks
ONE GOOD COP Stevie Diroma Heywood Gould Hollywood Pictures
HE SAID, SHE SAID Mark Ken Kwapis & Marisa Silver Paramount Pictures
BETSY'S WEDDING Stevie Dee Alan Alda Touchstone Pictures
SLAVES OF NEW YORK Henry James Ivory TriStar Pictures
Anthony LaPaglia in ‘Riviera’ Series 2

Anthony LaPaglia in ‘Riviera’ Series 2

You don’t want to miss this – every Thursday on Sky Atlantic at 9pm!

The Code Scenes

The Code Scenes

The Assignment Scenes

The Assignment Scenes

Anthony LaPaglia in ‘Riviera’

Anthony LaPaglia in ‘Riviera’

Anthony LaPaglia stars in new thriller Riviera on Sky Atlantic. The series starts at 9pm on June 15th or catch all the episodes online now!