• How do I approach the agency for representation?

    As a green office, we accept submissions for representation via e-mail only.

    As we have a huge amount of submissions, we are unable to respond to every email. Please do not send multiple representation emails, if an agent wishes to get in contact, they will do so on an individual basis.

    We do not accept representation calls.

  • How do I send an autograph, fan mail or charity request through to your clients?

    For charity requests, please email

    We are currently unable to accept any fanmail or autograph requests.

  • How do I approach one of your clients with regards to an interview or publicity request?

    Please email all requests to

    Please title the request with the client’s full name and it will be forwarded to the relevant Agent.

  • Where can I find out about job opportunities?

    CAM are excited about nurturing the next generation of talented agents. We do not currently have any job vacancies, but when we do, we will advertise via Creative Access or the PMA.